Peak Design Color Cases Make Pixel 8 Even More Appealing

Peak Design has released its popular Everyday Case for the Google Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro, now available in five vibrant color options. The protective fabric-backed case features sturdy mounting options and adds both style and utility to Google's latest smartphones.

Stellar Quality and Versatile Mounting

The Everyday Case provides a slim but protective layer for Pixel phones using durable, grippy fabric on the exterior. While offering basic protection against drops and scratches, the case truly shines through its versatile mounting capabilities. Using strong embedded magnets similar to Apple's MagSafe system, the case allows easy attachment to various magnetic accessories.

However, Peak Design goes a step further with its unique SlimLink system. A rear notch on the case securely mounts to accessories like tripods and bike mounts using Peak's mounting clip. This creates a much more rugged mount than magnets alone. The case also works seamlessly with Peak's wallet and wireless chargers. Overall, the Everyday Case adds both protection and flexibility to the Pixel 8, living up to Peak Design's reputation for quality and innovation.

New Color Options Enhance the Pixels

While the Everyday Case previously only came in a staid Gray color, Peak Design has launched the Pixel 8 cases in four fresh, vibrant colors. The dark Midnight Blue and olive Sage Green offer understated style. The bold Sun Yellow and warm Redwood Red make more of a statement.

Fans have different opinions on the new shades, with some loving the energetic colors and others preferring the classic Gray. However, the new options definitely make the Pixel case lineup more dynamic and personalized. The colors also pair beautifully with the Pixel 8's new hues, especially the Redwood case with the creamy Rose phone color. Overall the new palette adds welcome variety, letting users better express their style.

Some Minor Drawbacks

The Everyday Case does have a few small drawbacks for Pixel 8 users. The raised edges around the screen may feel slightly oversized and bulky to some. There are also sporadic reports of inconsistent wireless charging with the case on, especially with Google's Pixel Stand charger. However, most other chargers seem to work fine. While notable, these issues seem relatively minor for such a well-designed and functional case.

Get Yours Before They Sell Out

Overall, the Peak Design Everyday Case offers Pixel 8 users stellar protection, unique mounting options, and now stylish colors to match their phone. With stock already limited at launch, interested buyers should act quickly to get their preferred color before supplies run out. The $49 case delivers both beauty and utility for Google's latest phones.

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