Fitbit Brings Back Button with Charge 6, Adds Music and Maps

Fitbit is gearing up to release the Charge 6, the latest iteration of its popular fitness tracker line. The new wearable will include a host of upgrades, including the return of a physical button and new features integrating YouTube Music and Google Maps.

Returning to Basics

After doing away with buttons on the Charge 5 in favour of an all-touch interface, Fitbit has decided to bring back the tactile button with the Charge 6. The button will be located on the left side of the tracker, similar to previous Charge models, and will provide quick access back to the clock face from anywhere in the interface.

The button will also enable users to wake the screen easily easily. Otherwise, the Charge 6 retains the sleek, lightweight design of the Charge 5. Fitbit likely realized customers missed having a real button for basic navigation through the interface. The company implemented similar changes with the recent Sense 2 and Versa 4 smartwatches, bringing back physical buttons on those devices.

Focus on Google Apps

While the design may be familiar, Fitbit is looking to better integrate with Google's ecosystem going forward. The Charge 6 is slated to offer direct access to both YouTube Music and Google Maps via the tracker's interface.

YouTube Music support will allow users to control music playback quickly on a connected smartphone. Meanwhile, Google Maps integration enables navigation to saved locations right from the wrist. Directions to home or work can be retrieved with just a couple of taps.

These additions build on Fitbit's existing support for notifications from Android and iOS devices. The company aims to make the Charge 6 a more capable extension of your phone when on the go.

What Else is New?

Beyond the button and Google app integration, the Charge 6 is not expected to see major changes from the Charge 5. The user interface will remain the same, with stats, apps, notifications, and quick settings accessible through swipes and taps.

There may be some slight UI tweaks and optimizations, but the overall navigation through the system will be familiar to existing users. Other sensors and health-tracking capabilities are also unlikely to see significant upgrades.

Fitbit will want to focus on nailing the core fitness tracking experience while expanding functionality through smartphone connectivity. More advanced health sensors may come further down the road.

Availability and Pricing

Rеlеasеd in October 2023, thе Fitbit Chargе 6 stands out as a top tiеr fitnеss trackеr availablе for purchasе through various channеls, including Fitbit's onlinе storе, Googlе Storе and Bеst Buy and Amazon. Pricеd at around $159.95 or €160 in Europе, this advanced dеvicе boasts a range of fеaturеs from Googlе еssеntials likе Maps, Wallеt and YouTubе Music controls to hеalth tools such as an ECG app and an EDA sеnsor for strеss rеsponsе and slееp scorе tracking. Whilе it offеrs a comprеhеnsivе suitе of functionalitiеs and it is еssеntial to notе potеntial issuеs rеportеd by somе usеrs rеgarding GPS connеctivity and hеart ratе accuracy.

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