Mous Delivers Pixel Perfection With Super Thin Yet Super Protective Magsafe Case

Google's Pixel phones are known for their excellent cameras and clean Android software experience, but less so for their case options. However, Mous looks to change that perception with its new super thin yet protective MagSafe case designed specifically for the Pixel 8 series.

Minimal Bulk, Maximum Grip

The highlight of Mous' "Super Thin Magnetic Case" is its barely-there 1.2mm thickness. Despite being so slim, the case still offers a surprising amount of grip thanks to its matte finish. This helps prevent accidental drops, though the thinness does mean less shock absorption compared to bulkier cases. Still, many users will appreciate the minimal added weight and bulk.

The case comes in signature Pixel colors like green for the Pixel 8 and blue for the Pixel 8 Pro, matching Google's aesthetics perfectly. The colors are slightly toned down from Google's vibrant hues, creating an understated yet stylish look.

MagSafe Magic

Beyond just protecting the phone, the Mous case adds MagSafe compatibility. Strong embedded magnets allow it to snap onto MagSafe chargers and accessories effortlessly. The magnets align perfectly with the Pixel's wireless charging coil for uninterrupted charging.

With MagSafe in such a slim package, Pixel users no longer have to choose between a thick case or forgoing MagSafe altogether. Mous delivers the magic of MagSafe without frustrating bulk.

Sustainable Construction

Mous constructed its new case sustainably, with 75% recycled polycarbonate and 50% recycled microfiber interior. This shows an admirable commitment to reducing environmental impact. The recycled materials feel just as premium as new.

Minor Shortcomings

The super thin case does have some small downsides. The buttons use cutouts rather than physical covers, reducing their tactile feedback. While still functional, pressing the buttons isn't as satisfying.

The tight fit also makes installation slightly tricky, requiring firm pressure to snap into place. And the minimal lip means the screen is still vulnerable if placed face down. However, these are acceptable trade-offs for the thin and grippy design.

Premium Yet Pricey

With wireless charging, excellent colors, and recycled construction, the Mous Pixel case justifies its $45 MSRP. However, supply constraints forced Mous to raise the price to $60 on its website, the only place currently in stock. This pricier cost of entry could deter some buyers.

Still, for Pixel owners wanting a super slim MagSafe case, Mous delivers a uniquely impressive product. The clever design balances thinness and functionality for a beautifully minimalist Pixel 8 case.

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