Pixel Watch 2 Levels Up Health Tracking and Safety Features for 2023

Google's second-generation smartwatch aims to be the ultimate health and safety companion.

When the Pixel Watch 2 debuts in October 2023, it will come packed with an array of upgrades over its predecessor, especially in the health tracking and safety departments.

Temperature Tracking Added

One of the most notable additions will be a skin temperature sensor, allowing users to take on-demand temperature readings that can be accessed in the Fitbit app. This goes beyond Fitbit's previous watches like the Sense 2 that only track overnight temperature variations. While potential uses like menstrual cycle tracking are unclear, the sensor points to Google's increased focus on body temperature as the Pixel 8 Pro is also rumored to include a thermometer.

The Pixel Watch 2 will also gain an electrodermal activity (EDA) sensor carried over from the Fitbit Sense 2 for stress management features. Combined with the temperature sensor, the Pixel Watch 2 is shaping up to be a more advanced health tracking wearable.

Revamped Fitbit Exercise Experience

Fitbit's on-watch exercise interface is getting modernized as well, with a refreshed design that highlights your heart rate zone and other key workout stats. This should make mid-workout glances more motivating and effective. The updated UI will blend Google's signature aesthetic with Fitbit's proven exercise tracking.

Major Safety Upgrades

Beyond health tracking, the Pixel Watch 2 will bring substantial upgrades to Personal Safety features. It will support car crash detection when paired to a Pixel phone, displaying medical info for emergency responders. Full Emergency Sharing and Safety Check capabilities will also be added, enabling emergency contact alerts even when your phone isn't present. This showcases the watch's ability to operate independently as a safety device.

Enhanced Assistant Translations

Finally, the Google Assistant's interpreter mode will come to the Pixel Watch 2, enabling quick access to translations right from your wrist. This resurfaces a capability that was available in early Wear OS watches but later discontinued. The seamless back-and-forth translations will further aid real-world use of the watch as a standalone device.

With major hardware improvements already rumored, the Pixel Watch 2 is gearing up to be a generational leap over the first model. The focus on health tracking, safety features, and phone-free usage paints a picture of the ultimate smartwatch companion for everyday life in 2023 and beyond. Google is clearly responding to user feedback and designing the Pixel Watch 2 to be far more capable both on its own and when paired with your other devices.

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