YouTube TV is rolling out a new Quick Switch feature

YouTube is the area's most well-known video-sharing platform, wherein you can watch, upload, and share many films. But did you understand that YouTube also offers a live TV streaming called YouTube TV?

YouTube TV is a subscription-based total service that enables you to watch stay and on-demand TV from over eighty-five channels, which include nearby and countrywide networks, sports activities, news, leisure, and more. You also can enjoy an unlimited DVR garage, up to six payments consistent with household, and get the right of entry to YouTube Originals and YouTube Music.

What is Quick Switch

But what if you need to alternate channels speedily and without problems without lacking any motions? That's why the new function, Quick Switch, is to be had. Quick Switch allows you to bounce from one channel to another with one click or swipe while no longer having to return to the guide or the residence display. You also can see gambling on one of the channels at a minimum at the lowest display and personalize your selected channels for quicker entry.

Quick Switch is designed to make your YouTube TV screen more seamless and a laugh, mainly if you love channel hopping. Whether you need to capture present-day records, watch more than one sports video game right now, or browse via one-of-a-letter genres of shows and films, Quick Switch helps you find what you want to look at in no time.

How to use Quick Switch

To use Quick Switch, press the down arrow to your far-off or swipe down to your cellular device while looking at a channel. This will supply a minimum of what is playing on other channels and your favorite channels that you can customize in the settings. 

You can then pick any channel from the mini-manual and transfer to it immediately without leaving the entire show mode. Press the up arrow or swipe up to return to the preceding channel.

Quick Switch features

Quick Switch offers numerous features to YouTube TV subscribers, together with:

Saving time and trouble

You can save time navigating via the manual or the residence show screen to find out and switch to each channel. You can do it with one click or swipe and experience a smoother and quicker viewing experience.

Enhancing your viewing alternatives

You can discover and access more content that suits your tastes and temper without trouble. You can also watch multiple channels immediately by switching backward and forward among them and in no way skip over a second of your favorite suggestions, video games, or events.

Personalizing your channel lineup

Select which channels you watch in the miniguide and install them in your desired order. You can also add or dispose of channels on every occasion and create one-of-a-kind profiles for fantastic individuals in your own family.

Quick Switch functions with another streaming channel

Quick Switch is a unique function that sets YouTube TV apart from unique stay TV streaming offerings, which include Hulu Live TV or Sling TV. While those offerings provide some approaches to switch channels, they may now be much less speedy, clean, or customizable than Quick Switch. For example:

Hulu Live TV: You can use the Fliptray characteristic to peer what is on specific channels. However, it would help if you pressed the menu button first; after that, you scroll through the list of channels. You can also use the last channel function to decrease to the previous channel again. However, it would help if you pressed the again button twice.

Sling TV: You can use the miniguide characteristic to peer what is on different channels, but you need to press the OK button first, then use the directional buttons to navigate. You also can use the remember feature to go to the preceding channel again, but you need to press the do not forget button twice.


Quick Switch is a new characteristic that makes YouTube TV more available and fun for channel hoppers. It allows you to replace among channels with just one click or swipe without leaving the overall show mode. You can also see what's playing on exceptional channels in a mini-manual and personalize your favored channels for quicker entry.

Quick Switch is one of the reasons YouTube TV has a brilliant desire for live streaming. YouTube TV offers over 805 channels, countless DVR storage, up to six debts in line with family, and proper access to YouTube Originals and YouTube Music, all for an affordable charge of $ 64.99 in steps per month.

If you are a YouTube TV subscriber or want to turn out to be one, you may try Quick Switch nowadays and notice how it enhances your viewing enjoyment. You can also proportion your feedback with YouTube TV on their website, social media, or customer service. They would like to hear from you.

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